What is Overclout?

2 min readDec 28, 2022

What is Overclout? Is it a social network? — Yes. Is it a web3 project? — Yes. Is it personal messages, posts, and comments? — Also correct!

But what is Overclout? — It’s a new non-standard way to interact with content and other users, new unique mechanics based on all the best that online games have given us and that you’ve never seen in social networks.

We bet on a high level of user engagement, the desire to influence, the desire to stand out among the crowd, to find companions, and make money.

Our mission is to create such addictive, unique, and non-standard social network mechanics that the user won’t have a single chance not to be interested in the project.

We want to make social media fun, engaging, and intriguing. All of this is possible by bringing the best elements and mechanics that already exist in online games.

Our goal is to introduce content creators and consumers to unexpected ways to interact with each other and the platform.


Here are just a few of the mechanics that will be introduced on the platform:

- Clans and the ability to create your own communities with unique functionality.

- Every action in the social network that consumes your “energy” triggers a script that, if successful, will give you a unique artifact.

- A system of artifacts that can affect both your characteristics and skills and add cosmetic/visual effects to your profile to stand out in a crowd.

- Artifacts Marketplace, where you can quickly buy an artifact you like or sell an unwanted one.

- “Research” is a mechanic that will give you a new look at the functionality of online chats and notification systems.

- Content consumers can directly influence the effectiveness of content promotion through magical mechanics, allowing users to impose various positive and negative effects on content.

- “Dynamic footer” is a new way to interact with the platform.


2023 Q1:

  • Release of first MVP
  • Release of Clans (communities) mechanics: new artifacts, new skills, new roles

2023 Q2:

  • Mobile application release
  • Exclusive gifts and artifacts collaboration with brands

2023 Q3:

  • Release of Pets mechanics: new artifacts, new skills, tradable pets
  • Release of Pets-related marketplace

2023 Q4:

  • Release of Pets-battle mechanics

And that’s just a tiny part of the concept and functionality that will be available on Overclout. Stay tuned and follow the news; every next article will reveal more and more details about the project.